Welcome to ``Maistrali``

Welcome to Milos,the island of Venus

The island with the lace coasts,found on the southwest side of the cycladic complex,is a place worth visiting for its wild beuty.

Thanks to the intense volcanic activity,Milos has geological diversity and plenty of mineral resources.Archeological sites ,picturesque churches and old mines are interesting choices for the visitors.

Local products are also exquisite,such as the traditional dry cheese and many more.

On one of the most well- known beaches with golden sand ‘Provatas’,you will come across to one of the most beutiful ornaments of the island ‘Maistrali’.

In a carefully decorated place,you will find a complex of rooms to rent,which consists of 7 units, for peaceful  vacation and view to the Cretan Sea.

Why do we choose ``Maistrali``?

  • Wonderful location
  • Quiet surroundings
  • Traditional rooms
  • Spectacular view of the mountains and the sea
  • We combine accommodation, food and sea with no need of transport

How will you get to our island?

Milos has an airport which serves flights from Athens and Thessaloniki.
If you prefer travelling by boat, you can choose one of the ships that travel everyday from Piraeus to Milos (conventional, fast ferries or even jets)
based on your needs and preferences.

How will you get to ``Maistrali``?

As soon as you get to the port of the island, Adamas,you can choose the means of transport you like,since there are plenty of choices.
-There's a bus line with shuttle service to and from Provatas
-There's a taxi rank and also many car rental agencies

Maistrali is only 7 km away from the port of Adamas and 16 km away from the picturesque capital of the island, Plaka.

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